Dedicated for over 100 years to the production of cereals, upon the arrival of their first ancestors, René Fernández and his son Gastón René have developed different lines of business over time, backed by their vast experience in the earth work:
  • Production of 4,200 hectares for traditional agriculture. where the sowing and harvesting of cereals such as Oats, Wheat, Barley and Raps are a constant every season. It is from this operation that the raw material (Oat) necessary for the manufacture of the products that Agropel manufactures takes each month to the different destinations of the world.
  • Agrícola y Forestal Canta Rana, together with Forestal Río Muco sustain forest operations where pine, eucalyptus and native forests are mainly found.
  • The livestock is mainly oriented to the breeding and fattening of heifers and horses.