1902 In the year 1902 a young Spanish immigrant named Alejandro Fernández García, left in search of a new opportunity to a distant land: South America (Chile). He arrived at the Pedregal Estate where he built his home and carried out a dream in the area that he is passionate about. More than a hundred years after his arrival, it is his family who, through the Agrícola René Fernández e Hijo S.A. (Regasa S.A.), continues in the production of cereals with the same quality and affection that was delivered by Don Alejandro.
1989 With the aim of being able to support the production and commercialization processes of its agricultural properties, in 1989 Transportes Fernández y Cia Ltda was born, a fleet of trucks that will provide all the logistic support for the commercialization of their cereals.
2000 One of the direct descendants of the founder and his son, with his same entrepreneurial spirit, installed an exporter and oat plant called Agroindustrial Pedregal S.A. (Agropel S.A.), in the same land that he came to colonize. A place where oat products are produced in an industrial way, covering a large part of the world, delivering quality, professionalism and dedication.
2004 In 2004, the family continues to expand its business and with the support of new technologies it installs the first stage of its Berries San Luis orchard, where, with the same dedication as always, they will produce the blueberries that since then, lead to different destinations in the world.