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There are 67 hectares that house a range of 11 different varieties of blueberries. Established varieties of proven quality and condition, such as Briggita and Legacy, represent 58% of the planted area. To which new varieties are added, with excellent post harvest results that represent around 22% of the orchard. The remaining area houses varieties such as Blue Gold, Duke, Elliott, Dennis and Blue Crop that play a strategic role allowing us to extend the harvest cycle until the first half of March, in addition to the early recruitment of around 500 people who help us cover the harvest of each season.

With this distribution of varieties a harvest is achieved, from December 15 to the last fortnight of March, which allows a production peack in week 3-4 and 5. In this way it is possible to enter the market at the moment that the zone South Center has passed its production peack and the South zone is beginning its harvest with very low volumes.


A modern infrastructure, with state-of-the-art technology that promotes respect for the environment and the care of our workers, allows us to comply with the highest national and international standards during our production and packaging process.


With capacity to process 750,000 kilos. It has a cold chain, from the reception area (8 ° C) to the term room (0 ° C). The fruit is received with garden pulp temperature and stabilizes at 8 ° C. Afterwards, the process is finished and the pallet is finished with a T of 0 ° C.

It is equipped to meet all kinds of requirements: Process and selection lines without market limitation, pre-calibrators, weighing machines, among other first level machinery, allow us to deliver a finished product, ready for export from our own field.

The packing also has health facilities (bathrooms and cloakroom) for staff. In addition to a warehouse of materials.


The orchard is fully equipped with drip irrigation system:

– 2 irrigation rooms store all the soluble fertilizers that are applied via fertiriego feeding from a dam that is located a few meters from the place.

– A room for 36 hectares with an automatic irrigation and fertilization programming system. It has 4 mixing tanks of 3,000 liters each.

– A second irrigation room, with capacity to supply 50 hectares fully automated with a system of application of Compost Tea, in addition to the conventional fertilization system.

– It has 3 mixing tanks of 3,000 liters plus an additional tank of 1,000 liters.

Frost Control System

For the control of frosts, it has a reservoir with a capacity of 35,000 m3 with a cover for 67 hectares and 4 consecutive frosts in the total of the orchard. The total hectares are with matrix system equipped to control frost for 3 days.

Pesticide Room

With the highest standards of construction and certification, includes bathrooms for applicators, equipment room applicators, clean area, shower area suits and washing equipment (washing machine). There is also a room for hazardous waste and another for empty containers.

Machinery Room

Account with mechanical well, room of oils, room tools - machinery, room tools field, oil room and parking machinery.


From the propagation to the end of plants. This unit has a capacity to produce 200.000 plants per year. It has commercial and replacement objective.


With industrial kitchen with a capacity for 140 people per shift.


    • Global GAP (Europe, China)
    • USAGAP (U.S)
    • Authorized to export to Korea
    • Registration in the SAG for export to China