With capacity to process more than 11,000 tons per year, AGROPEL was one of the first oat plants to be installed in the IX Region of Araucanía, Chile; the year 2000.

Oats is one of the main inputs of the crops of the Agrícola René Fernández e Hijo (Regasa SA), so since 2000 the oat processing plant, called Agroindustrial Pedregal SA, AGROPEL delivers finished products such as Peeled Oats, Coarse and Instant Flakes and Oatmeal, all of excellent quality.

Among its main advantages, it is possible to consider the safety of raw material for the whole year since this group develops in the Agricultural business more than 100 years ago and it is their own fields that provide oats for the manufacture of their finished products.

Through our own management as an exporter, our products are shipped every month to different destinations within Latin America and some distant destinations such as Israel.

Through time, agropel has become a producer, processor and exporter of oats with more than 100 years of experience in the agricultural business, so growth as become part of our objectives and during this year 2018, we’ve inaugurated the most modern oat processing plant in Chile.